Агенција за поддршка на претприемништвото
Агенција за поддршка на претприемништвото
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 The SME sector in Republic of Macedonia comprises more than 98% of all the active companies in the country for which they are regarded as a driving force of the overall economic activity.
     From the aspect of its size and flexibility the SMEs represent the most dynamic but in the same time and the most vulnerable segment in the global economic structure of the country. That’s why, the policy makers responsible for SME development, necessarily need a reliable mechanism for systematic follow up and assessment of the condition of the sector. It will further on, help them to select and carry out adequate measures providing the desired level of SMEs development.
     For that reason in 2004 was established the “SME Observatory in Macedonia” in the framework of the project “Policy Support to the Ministry of Economy” funded by the European Agency for Reconstruction. The Observatory, at present, is operational within the framework of the Agency for Promotion of the Entrepreneurship of the Republic of Macedonia.
     At this point, it is highly important to emphasize that the SME Observatory is fully supported by the Ministry of Economy and in particular by the Department for Entrepreneurship Support. It implies that the SME development receives responsive position in the efforts of the country in achievement of the general economic stability and development. However, that is entirely in compliance with the Governmental Program on Measures and Activities for the Promotion of Entrepreneurship and Creation of Competitiveness of The SMEs and the European Charter For Small Enterprises. Moreover, in the whole institutional infrastructure for support of the SMEs the Macedonian Observatory is the only institution in the region with exception of the Slovenian one. With its comprehensive periodical and yearly reports the Observatory will provide the Government of the Republic of Macedonia with relevant and commensurable indicators and analyses for the condition of the SMEs in the country. 

 SME Observatory - Report 2002.pdf  (346Kb)

SME Observatory - Report 2003.pdf  (393Kb)

SME Observatory - Report 2004.pdf  (974Kb)

SME Observatory - Report 2005.pdf  (852 Kb)

SME Observatory - Report 2007.pdf  (412 Kb)

SME Observatory - Report 2009.pdf  (1532 Kb)





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